A whole new way

to solve the puzzles

Pick a shape card, and place it on the table.

Place each cube so that it directly aligns with its coinciding shape card. Each cube consists of 6 unique lines.

It’s a piece of cake!

1.Puzzle up

Modern Design

Kico Blok uses wooden cubes that are safe and fun for the whole family.  

Fun for All

Collect all 7 AR characters on the Kico Blok app by solving the puzzles. Simply complete the puzzles and view them through the app to collect them all.

Kico Blok's shape card makes it so much easier to play. Simply match the lines of the Kico Blok with the shape card.

Easy to Play

Collect 'em all

Kico Blok helps kids develop stronger hand-eye coordination skills

Kico Blok redefines traditional puzzles. Each side of the Kico Blok has unique lines on it. Turn the bloks around to see and match the lines of the shape card.

A.R. Technology

Through the mobile device app, Kico Blok's Augmented Reality(AR) will take puzzles to the next level. There are 7 adorable, fully animated characters to play with!


Hand + Eye Coordination


Did you get all of your cubes in the right places? If so, great!

After you have placed all of your cubes in the right place, place the color card on top of the finished puzzle, and view your work in full color.

So cute!

2. Check your work

Now, here's the fun part!

Open the Kico Blok app, and make sure to aim the camera of your mobile device so that it faces the completed puzzle.


Tada! The puzzle you've built will come alive via AR technology. Make your character jump, dance and say hi to you.


All the puzzle you have completed will be stored onto the collection page of the app.

 Super cool!

3. augmented reality


All of 7 characters will

Perform a surprise action

Cheerfully say Hi!


Wiggle dance

Blink their eyes

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